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Operations / Call Center
10123 Colvin Run Road
Suite 100
Great Falls, VA 22066

Phone: (703) 757-8500
Fax: (703) 832-8385

Production / Shipping
731-D Walker Road
Great Falls, VA 22066


          We're a talented eCommerce company. We thrive on the Internet. It's what we are good at.

Where else can you think of an idea, build a website in a day, and start selling the same day? You can't do that in direct mail. Can't do it in retail. Not in wholesale. Not in manufacturing...

But on the Internet, it's literally possible to go from an idea to actual revenue in 24 hours!

Even if your product is physical goods, the Internet still affords the greatest opportunities with the least overhead. Through the Internet, we can sell most any product or service on a nationwide, or even global scale. All without having to rent a single storefront.

Whether you have an existing website to sell us -- or just the next great idea. What you have may be valuable to us. One of our main missions is to grow our collection of profitable websites.

We have efficiencies smaller websites cannot afford:

Imagine "" Joe runs a great website selling unique widgets from his house. He has no employees and literally no overhead. His website grosses $70,000 per year and he makes $30,000 per year running his site. Joe answers all the calls and emails, does all the shipping, and keeps all the books.

Joe knows his site could do so much more. But he doesn't have the marketing experience or the budget to risk the $100,000 it might take to lease an office, hire a staff, and develop his website so it is really robust. Even if he does have the $100,000; how many years will it take for him to earn that back even if he is successful in growing his business?

On the other hand, we already have the customer service staff and phone system to answer Joe's phones professionally. We have the warehouse to inventory and ship his widgets. We have a staff of top-notch website developers who do nothing but work on our sites all day. (This very site you are reading was built in a single morning.) We have the merchant accounts, banking relationships, and lines of credit to negotiate the best rates from Joe's suppliers. We also have the expertise and budget required to aggressively market Joe's widgets if the business is to grow.

Remember ... Joe is making $30,000 per year now working from home. He wouldn't mind cashing out for $100,000 if only somebody would hand him a check. Our typical deal is structured so that Joe gets a nice upfront sum of cash from us - but also agrees to let us pay him some of the balance in monthly installments over one to five years (depending on the size of the deal).

We'll pay Joe a nice upfront chunk of money. And we'll keep paying him every month until he is paid off. We'll usually sit down with Joe and explain that we cannot justify investing $100,000 in cash and having to wait more than three years just to get our money back, without interest (all while we do the work). But we can certainly afford to give him a smaller downpayment and then use most of the cashflow from the company to pay Joe back over time. The benefit to Joe is that he gets to cash out now, and make the equivalent of several year's worth of income - all without having to keep working for that income.

Joe feels secure because we are a multimillion dollar company that will be able to pay him on time every month. He would not have that same luxury if another "Joe" made the same offer to him. He'll sleep well at night.

As for us, we're still out the cash we gave Joe upfront. And we just promised to use most of the profits from Joe's website to pay him back every month! So what's in it for us? Well, we only made an offer to Joe because we believe in what his site is selling -- and because we believe we can grow Joe's business to be much larger than it is today.

If we can't grow it, Joe is still safe because the profits from the business will be used to pay Joe off. Then, once Joe is paid off, we'll finally be able to start making some money. But if we can grow it, we've just made a good investment that will pay us back that much faster!

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