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Operations / Call Center
10123 Colvin Run Road
Suite 100
Great Falls, VA 22066

Phone: (703) 757-8500
Fax: (703) 832-8385

Production / Shipping
731-D Walker Road
Great Falls, VA 22066


If you have an operating business, Rick Rahim is available to quickly analyze your operations and marketing. Rick is a specialist at creating new revenue streams (profits) from the existing customer base you already have.

  • First, we'll ensure you are making the most profit possible from your current sales.
  • Next, we'll give you ideas and help you create a fresh marketing strategy to increase your sales and boost your business.
  • Finally, we'll look at your organization as a whole and determine where inefficiencies exist. We'll also help you reverse those inefficiencies.

    You may already run an excellent organization. But true leaders realize that a fresh set of experienced eyes can only help them identify weaknesses they may have overlooked. Often, business owners are "too close" or too engrossed in certain aspects of their companies. A third party analysis will only make you stronger. We guarantee it!

    Are you ready to start a business? As a serial entrepreneur his whole life, Rick has been through multiple startups. You'll welcome his insight and money saving ideas before you launch your new venture.

    If we cannot give you ideas to boost your business and your profits, we won't charge you a fee. Rick's consulting fees vary by project and are dependent on the scope of the project and geographic location. (Often, telephone consultations are a very affordable way to receive great ideas from Rick and establish a comfort level with him before engaging him for a longer term.)

    We have acquired numerous businesses in the past several years. Rick has a 100% track record of improving each acquired business and creating additional profit centers not readily apparent prior to their acquisition.

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