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Rick Rahim is a dynamic leader and an accomplished executive. But our true asset lies in the depth and quality of our management team.

Rick has assembled a very talented executive staff capable of managing and growing our daily operations. Moreover, Rick has networked extensively at the highest levels of business and politics.

Rick relies heavily on his relationships with more than a dozen multimillionaires who sit on his informal advisory board. This board consists of accomplished executives from both the public and private sectors. These same individuals offer Rick a large pool of available funds for projects of almost any size.

Rick has been a serial entrepreneur for 30+ years. In the early nineties, he founded a large limousine company in the Washington, DC area. He sold that company and founded a nationwide voicemail/telecommunications company that also thrived. Upon exiting that business, Rick bought a marina in a local resort town. He tripled that business and sold it three years later.

In 1997, Rick started yet another company - this time marketing cellular telephones. Within a year, the company was one of the largest in the Mid Atlantic. Within four years, it was a nationwide company grossing $5 million per month. All told, Rick's marketing efforts directly contributed approximately one hundred million dollars in revenue to the major cellular providers including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

In 2001, Rick founded VMC Satellite. Over the course of four years, VMC grew to become the premier online retailer of satellite TV for DISH Network. Through his innovative recruiting and marketing, Rick grew an organization of 240,000 affiliate marketers all over the globe who sold DISH Network on a commission basis. During the same four years, VMC Satellite provided several billion dollars in revenue to DISH Network as a result of Rick's creative and efficient marketing.

In April, 2005, VMC Satellite was acquired by InPhonic, a public company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Rick sold the company for $23.3 million in cash and stock. Rick was also retained as President of the Satellite TV Division of InPhonic to enable a smooth transition and continued profitability of the company he founded. Almost a year later, with his performance targets met, Rick was able to retire from full-time employment at InPhonic.

Not a man to rest on his laurels, Rick got right back to work. Today, Rick's many companies collectively employ over 351 people in 13 locations in 7 states; and generate many millions of dollars per year in revenue.

In addition to overseeing BusinessVentures.com and its related business interests, Rick currently sits on the boards of multiple organizations. Rick has been recognized as an expert in business and statistical analysis by numerous federal and state courts. He has provided testimony as an expert witness in multiple high-dollar civil cases.

Rick is a charismatic public speaker. He has addressed many groups of 2,000+ on various business topics. He has been a keynote speaker at national conventions. He has also been interviewed as a business expert by multiple organizations.

Overseas, Rick has actively been a consultant since 2011 for the government of an Asian country that successfully built and launched a satellite into geosynchronous orbit. His responsibilities included reporting as high as to the Prime Minister's Office and making recommendations directly to the Prime Minister. He led the effort to draft that country's first national satellite TV (DTH) policy, which was ratified and signed into law.

On April 16, 2013, Rick became a qualified inventor; and received his first patent (US 8,418,781 B2) for inventions related to his manufacturing company, Rapid Entry Solutions.

In March, 2014, Rick's children's book, "Way Up High In the Big Blue Sky," reached the #1 position as an Amazon.com Best Seller, making Rick a "Best Selling Author" in the children's book category.

A native Virginian, Rick is happily married and a proud father of four beautiful children. Rick is an animal lover. His hobbies include flying his own airplane and helicopter, exotic cars, scuba diving, international travel, playing poker, coastal living, and spending fun times with friends and family.

Rick is a search and rescue helicopter pilot; and holds the rank of Lt. Colonel with the Virginia Airborne Search and Rescue Squadron. He also volunteers a lot of his time flying youngsters in the EAA Young Eagles program as a way to introduce young people to the wonders of aviation.

For the seven years in a row (2007 - 2014), Rick was honored as the #1 Young Eagles pilot in the State of Virginia by the Virginia Department of Aviation.

In total, Rick has flown over 1,200 children in his helicopter over the past 15 years. Click here for a 30 second video. You can read a recent newspaper article about Rick's helicopter rides for Make-A-Wish foundation by clicking here.

In additional to flying children, Rick further volunteers his time as a pilot for Animal Rescue Flights. Animal Rescue Flights promotes, plans, and performs the process of moving animals from overcrowded shelters where they face certain death to other parts of the country where qualified families are waiting to adopt them.

Each month, Rick's various companies make donations to or otherwise sponsor multiple youth groups, charities, elementary schools, teen shelters, homeless shelters, and religious organizations.

Rick is a member of the Cornucopia Council of the Capital Area Foodbank. He also actively supports the Special Olympics, Project Hope, American Red Cross, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, Alternative House, Feed the Children, The Children's Hospital Foundation and the Humane Society of the United States. To date, Rick's donations to Feed the Children have facilitated the delivery of over 50,000 pounds of food to needy American children. Rick also donates several tons of dog food to pet shelters in Northern Virginia each year.

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Rick Rahim

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