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Operations / Call Center
10123 Colvin Run Road
Suite 100
Great Falls, VA 22066

Phone: (703) 757-8500
Fax: (703) 832-8385

Production / Shipping
731-D Walker Road
Great Falls, VA 22066


Our mission is simple:
Provide value to our customers.
Provide security and opportunity to our employees.
Create profit and equity.

How we do it is what makes us unique.

Our President, Rick Rahim, has a proven track record of taking raw business ideas and transforming mere concepts into real, multimillion dollar businesses. Many years ago, Rick sold his then four-year old startup company to a large publicly traded company in April of 2005. The transaction was valued at $23.3 million. This was accomplished without outside investors, bank loans, or venture capital. Rick built the company from scratch and grew it organically. Upon retiring from that company after the sale, Rick founded

Today, we focus on both ecommerce and more traditional business. We believe doing business on the Internet offers the most efficient and profitable opportunities. However, we also believe in diversification. For that reason, we manage all types of investments ranging from our real estate portfolio to our "angel" and venture capital investments in other companies.

Today, our largest division manages multiple brands on Amazon, with sales exceeding $50,000,000.00 per year.

Simply put, we have assembled an exceptional management team and coupled it with a technologically advanced back office. The technology and talented people in our corporate call center enable us to operate multiple businesses while sharing common back-office functions. This enables us to realize efficiencies across our portfolio of online and retail companies. The end result means greater operational advantages unrivaled by our competitors.

We are often able to acquire (or build from scratch) smaller, niche-type websites or businesses being operated profitably by sole proprietors. These smaller companies may be underfunded, or simply lack other important resources required to grow their revenue. Using a rollup strategy, we can acquire these businesses and others like them. We then operate them more efficiently -- by integrating them into our umbrella organization.

Independently, these businesses were unable to afford expensive IVR phone systems, a substantial marketing budget, a staff of customer service agents, in-house web developers and graphic artists, employee health insurance, accounting teams, etc. But under our umbrella, they receive an instant boost from our systems, management expertise, and proprietary marketing methods. Our economy of scale instantly increases the profit margin of acquired companies. And then, our marketing machine takes over to explode the acquired company and take it to the next level...

Our primary divisions are:

  • Online/ecommerce Division
  • Investment and Venture Capital
  • International Consulting Division
  • Manufacturing Division
  • Business Consulting
  • Each division is a multi-million dollar operation. Under Rick's leadership, we have an excellent track record of improving the top and bottom line of the companies we acquire.

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